I have had some unique adventures and photo opportunities. The montage below shows from left to night; Photographing bears on a Alaskan coastal flood plain (note bears in background); Walking in the Italian Dolomite Mountains to photograph Alpine Flowers; officiating at the wedding of a Maasai friend,.

I been privileged travel to much of Europe, and spent many weeks in the Italian Dolomites

I have also travelled to parts of the world with remarkable wildlife

To the Galagos Islands to see the unique fauna.

To the USA and Canada in search of bears. Alasaka in Spring was best as we walked amongst bears on a flood plain, where an adult female grizzly came with 4m, of where I was standing. She showed no interest in me.

I have been to Africa many times, Initially to photograph the wildlife in South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya on one occasion camping in the bush with lion roars and elephants breaking trees to lull me to sleep, Latterly my visits have been to stay with Maasai friends in a remote village in Southern Kenya. The Maasai have adopted me as an elder and given me the name Olomunyak. so that I may participate in ceremonies.

To India to photograph tigers, Gharial (a fish eating crocodile) and other widlife

To Japan where my interest was more in the people not the wildlife

This Gallery presents pictures of these and other sojourns.