Print Purchase

Fine Art Prints are made to order according to your requirements, and to Glicee standard.
Prints are made on Acid Free Art Paper or on Acid free Canvas and take about 7 days to produce. .
Once the colours have dried the prints are given 2-3 coats of special aqueous varnish, that protects from airborne pollutants and extends the life of the print.
Like all art work prints should not be exposed to direct sunlight
Prints can only be released when the varnish is thoroughly dry.

All prints are in limited editions of 250 and numbered accordingly. A certificate of authentication is also provided.

I have borrowed the concept of the incan from the orient where it replaces a signature on official documents.
Oriental artists have identified ownership their creations with their incan for many centuries.
The incan is made by carving the characters in reverse on stone, wood or other hard material.
It is then inked on pad and then pressed firmly on the document.
Acid Free Fine Art Paper is 300g weight, stiff with a fine texture. It is best kept flat so not suitable for postage.
Acid free Canvas is much more flexible and once dry can be rolled for mailing in a sturdy tube.


Prices for Stirling Fine Art Prints limited edition giclee prints on Acid Free Fine Art Paper are given in the image description.
Where no price is given, the following applies
on paper 210 x 297 mm £25 unframed
on paper 297 x 420 mm £50 unframed
Larger prints up to 420 x 570 price on request
Postage will be charged at cost.

Framed Images Ltd, Dumbarton Road, Stirling, stocks my images and offers a framing service.